What devices can I watch the service on?
Our live internet video streams are delivered via adaptive streaming technologies. We currently deliver video at bitrates ranging from 400kbps to 3,500kbps. Most commercially available ADSL and cable connections should provide sufficient bandwidth for a quality viewing experience. In order to view a video cast to a large screen TV, a minimum of 5Mbps download speed is recommended. Note that streaming via mobile connections consumes a lot of bandwidth. It is recommended that you consume video content over wired or WIFI connections. Shared hotspots may not provide you with sufficient bandwidth to have a reliable streaming experience.
I missed an event, can I watch it later?
The games will be available for archive viewing 30 minutes after completion.   If you see an error message when you try to access an archive it means the archive is in the process of being processed.  Please check back later.
Can I get a copy of a game?
If you are interested in acquiring an electronic copy of any game, please email download@yaretv.com. The cost for game downloads is $30 for one to three games, and $20 for every game thereafter.